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"Invite nature into your garden"

       Our goal at Natural Landscapes is to encourage the use of California native plants in garden situations.  We feel that with the use of native and other drought tolerant plant species, a garden can be created that will use a minimum of water and need no pesticides or herbicides.  A diverse planting is attractive to the gardener as well as to birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.  A garden should sing, buzz and hum with life.

       Natural Landscapes designs drought tolerant wildlife gardens and we offer expert consultation on the use of native plants in garden situations . 

       We grow many of the plants used in our landscaping and also sell potted plants retail to interested landscapers, gardeners and homeowners.  We are able to grow material for restoration projects on a contract basis. Our nursery grows nearly all of the plants native to the Palos Verdes peninsula using only local seed sources.  Plants native to other areas of California, the American southwest, and Mediterranean climates are also available.

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